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William Burroughs Press Conference at Berkeley Museum of Art on November 12, 1974

Published November 12, 1974
Topics poet, poetry

William Burroughs press conference at Berkeley Museum of Art on November 12, 1974. Sponsored by the Pacific Film Archive.

At a press release on an unidentified occasion, William Burroughs fields an array of questions, discusses relationships with or opinions on Paul Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Jose Delgado, Alfred Korzybski, as well as opinions on the women's movement, contemporary (1974) politics (Watergate, etc.), governmental methods of civilian control and the possibilities of revolution and rebellion in the contemporary era. Fairly extensive discussion in the last ten minutes on his writing process, including use of the cut-up method or collage writing and the relationship of his own writing to the science fiction genre.

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Reviewer: Insanity Poop - - June 11, 2007
Subject: Burroughs is amazing!
If you like Burroughs, or enjoy hearing a person ramble on about various topics in a coherent way, this interview is for you. Every time I listen to Burroughs, I learn something. Be sure to check out Burroughs' other work on the Archive and UbuWeb.

A quick question to the community: Does anyone have the list one of the reporters refers to as "essential reading for the beats" that Burroughs supposedly made in the 1940s? I only picked out a few names, but would love to see the list. Thanks!
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